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Stay tuned to read the Blueprint for Change

Biome Summit on CVD

Let’s give Canadians more time to make memories

It’s time to ideate, co-create and build the future of Canadian cardiovascular care. Join a multi-industry collaboration focused on real change.

The Biome CVD Summit

Healthcare is a high-stakes, complex industry, so evolution within this framework can be challenging. Enter disruption by design: the Biome, powered by Novartis, an initiative to accelerate life-changing advances in care through high-level, cross-sector collaboration. The Biome CVD Summit convenes in the fall of 2021 to advance progress on cardiovascular disease, a major Canadian public health challenge.

Engaging stakeholders nationwide

Expert roundtables and virtual community sessions in Edmonton and Toronto build to a hybrid in-person/virtual summit in Montréal. By speaking to and drawing insights from unique regional strengths, concerns and culture, the Biome CVD Summit creates a nationwide movement for change.

Addressing burning questions in CVD care

The Summit tackles the big questions with the highest potential impact for patients, people at risk for CVD and the healthcare system as a whole. Questions like: How can we empower at-risk individuals to adopt healthier habits and prevent illness before it starts? What might we do to proactively and equitably reduce CVD risk factors across populations? How can we forge effective public-private partnerships to combat CVD?

Hybrid virtual + physical summit

Expert roundtables foster high-level collaboration across industries. Panels, interviews, talks and workshops create spaces for broadening and deepening dialogue. An innovation challenge sparks new projects dedicated to reducing CVD mortality.

Evolving the conversation

Multilayered challenges like cardiovascular disease in Canada demand bold, long-range thinking and visionary solutions. To drive change, we need to move the conversation forward by distilling a set of essential questions around Canadian CVD care. From there, we can explore the interconnectivity of these questions and dive deep into branching lines of inquiry. From this foundation we will more clearly see what action is needed to create the greatest impact.


Join forces with thought leaders, researchers, students and other creative problem solvers from the healthcare industry, tech startups and beyond to create forward-thinking solutions to CVD across Canada.


Draw on the deep knowledge and diverse perspectives of your peers across industries, as well as the collaborative energy of the Biome, to tackle long-standing problems in new ways.


Help create seamless, scalable, technologically enhanced care systems that embrace, empower and support patients through every stage of their experience, from early warning signs and prevention strategies to diagnosis and chronic disease management.

Stay tuned to read the Blueprint for Change

Stay tuned for the Biome CVD Summit 2021 Blueprint for Change, a compendium of insights and innovative solutions that emerged from sessions at the Summit, coming soon.