Stay tuned to read the Blueprint for Change


From a spark to a flame. The Biome CVD Summit is an invitation to light a fire for change in how we address cardiovascular disease in Canada.

Help millions of Canadians live better, longer lives

The Biome CVD Summit is about big changes and real results for Canadians at risk for, or suffering from, cardiovascular disease, one of the current leading causes of preventable deaths in the nation. And not just for those living now, but for generations to come. To be transformative we must take on both prevention and treatment.

Co-create. Innovate. Transform.

A public health concern as complex as cardiovascular disease can’t be solved by one company, institution or industry. It requires a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach — and bold, evolutionary thinking. 

The Biome – Advancing Canadian Healthcare

In any complex system, a fresh idea can be a powerful catalyst for productive change. The Canadian Biome Innovation Hub’s goal is to bring together and empower the Canadian ecosystem to forge the future of healthcare, enhanced by data and digital technologies. We believe in uniting the best of science and technology to build superior, seamless healthcare solutions for patients and caregivers, at scale.

How will we measure success?

  • Cardiovascular disease will be recognized as a public health priority for Canada by the end of 2021.
  • We will build a blueprint for addressing the main challenges posed by CVD, with long-term mortality reductions beginning in 2025.